Vinyl Wrap Houston

vinyl wrap houston

Corporate & Custom vinyl vehicle wraps for your business or matte, gloss, & chrome car wraps.

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

At Vinyl Wrap Houston, we pride ourselves on being the best installers of vinyl wrap onto the exteriors of cars and trucks. We take care of our customers and their vehicles. For a top-notch finish on your car, come to us!

Fleet Wraps

Fleet wrapping cars is a service that Vinyl Wrap Houston provides for their clients, and it includes vinyl wrapping multiple cars, especially when it applies to businesses. This service is a great way to boost advertising for local businesses, and they are excellent at always provided quality service for their clients.

Vinyl Signs

In this part of Texas, people know the value of excellent service. At Vinyl Wrap Houston, we provide the best service in the business, and we combine it with great vinyl wrap technology. If you need a sign, a banner or an auto wrap, you can count on us!

Vehicle Wraps

The professionals at Vinyl Wrap Houston believe that wrapping a vehicle in vinyl decals is one of the best ways to advertise something to a local marketplace. This company primarily services cars in the Houston metropolitan area of Texas. In-house computer software is utilized to create personalized graphics for the wraps that are going to be installed onto customers' vehicles. Vinyl Wrap Houston likes to mix and match different fonts and other visual effects to improve the visibility of a vinyl wrap for automobiles. For example, color schemes that have importance in the city of Houston are often chosen for the wraps.

Fleet Wraps

Vinyl Wrap Houston uses the latest industrial grade vinyl materials for custom wraps that are installed on commercial vehicles. This company selects the most durable polymers that are engineered to resist common damage from long term exposure to outdoor conditions. To withstand the intense heat in the Houston area, vinyl fleet wraps must have protective coatings that reflect back harmful UV rays and other solar radiation. Vinyl Wrap Houston applies a smooth layer of adhesive materials to the back surface of vehicle body wraps. The sticky sides are guaranteed to stay intact throughout the years even after extensive wear and tear.

Wall Decals and Signs

Vinyl Wrap Houston is the type of company that has artistic creativity and industrial precision when it comes to making custom wall decals and signs. On the creative side, this business drafts stunning graphics on software that is synced with commercial printers. Vinyl Wrap Houston makes sure that the wall decals and signs have industrial-grade durability to withstand anything from moisture to dust. Additionally, the company even makes decals and signs that could be set up outdoors. Such installations come with protective coatings that do not fade due to UV rays on a daily basis especially in Houston's hot climate.