Vehicle Wraps by Vinyl Wrap Houston

Vinyl Wrap Houston combines digital technology with industrial machinery to design, print and install attractive vinyl decals and stickers on vehicles. We have our own computer labs where graphic designers create unique images from scratch. The high resolution graphics are then printed through commercial quality printers that are loaded with rolls of vinyl. Precise cuts are made to tailor the vinyl wraps according to the specific vehicle that is being covered. Excessive vinyl material is gently scraped off cars without any residual damage to glass and paint. We also thoroughly wash the entire body of a given vehicle before applying adhesive vinyl wraps. Electrostatic applications further support the sticky sides of vinyl graphics that are designed to stay in place for multiple years. Magnetic decals can be installed to enhance the appearance of a car that's already covered in vinyl displays. Such magnetized decals have extruded shapes that create the visual effect of 3D depth. We could also print 3D graphics onto vinyl wraps in order to create a realistic display that is surely going to attract attention in the streets. Vinyl Wrap Houston is more than happy to replace any damaged vinyl car wraps. Our technicians use great care to peel of old vinyl graphics while preserving the exterior paint finish of a car. We can repair minor tears and shreds in vinyl wraps in order to save customers money on complete replacements.